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What are organic products?

Organic products that are marketed as certified organic guarantee a certain production method that has to meet many additional standards. 

For fruit, vegetables and cereals, organic amongst other things means that they are grown without artificial fertilizer, with a great deal of attention for a resilient, fertile soil and without chemical-synthetic crop protection products.

For farmed animals, organic means organic feed, spacious accommodation, compulsory space outside, fewer medical interventions and more space for showing their own, typical behaviour.

Processed organic products – for example organic jam, organic bread and organic pasta sauce – must also comply with the legislation on organic products. For example, the number of additives permitted is far more limited.

Organic farming

Organic farming is innovative farming. Organic agriculture produces high-quality, pure and healthy food. To achieve this, the organic sector focuses on a healthy soil and animal welfare, all in accordance with mandatory criteria.

The European organic label

The same regulations apply throughout the European Union for organic. The European organic label, that is compulsory on all prepacked organic products, guarantees conformity with that European legislation.

So the term “organic” is protected by law. As a result, there are compulsory inspections for whoever wants to market products as 'organic'. And they apply to all the links of the chain: farmer, processor, distributor, seller.

The Flemish organic sector

Organic not only stands for a ‘product’. In Flanders, 'organic' covers an entire sector with producers, processors, points of sale and food services, both big and small. The Flemish organic sector is stimulated by the Flemish government, inspected by control authorities, examined by practical centres and research institutes.

Organic growth

The interest in organic food continues to grow in Europe and therefore also in Belgium. Likewise, organic products can count on a growing interest from consumers. The processing and distribution of organic products is playing an increasingly prominent role in the chain.

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